PLA Vivid Yellow (1000 Gr)

EUMakers filament. Kleur: Vivid Yellow. Leverbaar in Diameter 1.75 mm en 2.85 mm.




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Eumakers - Vivid Yellow PLA filament

with the new spool convertible into a coat hanger. Spool holder included.

Weight: 1 kg(net)

Color info
RAL:  - Hex: #
Material Polylactic Acid (PLA)
Filament net weight ± 1 Kg
Diameter 1.75 mm / 2.85 mm
Diameter Tolerance ± 0.05 mm
Recommended printing temperature 190°C - 210°C
Recommended printing speed 40/80mm/s
Fusion Temperature 210°C (± 8°C)
Vitrous transiction temperature 50°C
Ovalization tolerance (max) ± 5%
Density (21.5°C) 1,24 g/c2
Impact strength 5 KJ/m2
Elasticity 3310 Mpa (MD) - 3861 Mpa (TD)


All EUMAKERS filaments are produced in our factories situated in Italy, respecting the highest standards of production.
They are manufactured with food-safe materials.

The spool
The spool can be converted into a coat hanger!
The idea arises from the will and need to reduce waste. When the filament is over, the spool could be transformed into a coat hanger.

The spool holder for your desk
Sometimes it could be hard mounting the spool in the 3D printer, so we have just eliminated the root cause including a practical spool support for your desk.

All filaments and spools are vacuum sealed to prevent damage from the environmental exposure. In the box you will find a zipper bag to storage them when in use.

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