Spectrum Filaments PLA Silk Filament Unmellow Yellow 1.75 / 2.85 mm

PLA Silk Filament in de kleur Unmellow Yellow 1.75 / 2.85 mm
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Filament PLA Silk 1.75mm Unmellow Yellow 1kg

Spectrum PLA Silk is a filament for the incremental production on the basis of PLA with the use of coloring concentrates that give the effect of a satin structure of the manufactured elements. This is a unique material with extremely aesthetic qualities.


Spectrum PLA Silk is a PLA-based filament for additive manufacturing with colour concentrates which imparts the satin texture effect to printed items. It is another material with unique aesthetic properties. The surface satin texture of printed items largely reduces the visibility of layers on the side surface of printed items. Using a specially development pigment, it is possible to retain the classic properties of PLA, i.e. the simple and efficient printing, while obtaining a very low shrinkage rate and relatively high tensile strength. Thus the material is designed for those who appreciate simple printing and very high aesthetic properties.  Spectrum PLA Silk guarantees the following properties of printed items:

  • Reduced visibility of layers on the side surfaces of printed items,
  • Satin shine on the entire surface of printed items,
  • Maintenance of all the mechanical strength parameters of the standard PLA.

With the above-mentioned properties, the applications of Spectrum PLA Silk are mostly oriented towards decorative art and interior design, where the aesthetic qualities prevail, while the 3D print-specific artefacts have maximally reduced visibility.


General information
Dimensional tolerance:
± 0.05mm
Printing temperature:
Heated bed:
not needed
Net weight:
Total weight:
Spool dimensions:
20cm x 5.2cm x 7.5cm
Technical details
Specific Gravity:
1.24 g/cc
MFR (210°C / 2.16kg), g/10 min:
6 (D1238) [eng]
Heat Distortion Temperature:
Tensile Yield Strength:
60 MPa (D882)
Tensile Modulus:
3.6 MPa (D882)


Spectrum Filaments

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