Recreus Filaflex Filament (82A) Yellow 1.75 mm / 2.85 mm

Filaflex 82A flexibel filament in de kleur: Yellow
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Filaflex is the original elastic filament for 3d printers, this new revolutionary material is a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) with a polyurethane base and some additives to make it printable in your 3d printer. Filaflex has an incredible elasticity that allows you to create elastic printed parts for your projects. Now you can create your own shoes or sneakers at home!!


  • 1,75 mm or 2,85mm available
  • +-0.05mm tolerance
  • Printing temperature (210-230 °C) depending your hotend and extruder.
  • Print speed (20-110 mm/s)
  • High adhesion with 3d printed bed
  • Do not need heatbed
  • Do not need kapton or blue tape.
  • Do not need hairspray or special adhesion spray
  • Odorless
  • Resistant to acetone, fuel and solvent.


Filaflex is different to print with than rigid filaments in your 3d printer, but with a proper configuration you can do it without problems, for this reason it´s compatible with almost any printer.


We recommend you that you first read the following article written by Gyrobot.

If you don´t have the new Recreus extruder or your hotend is not optimized with a PTFE liner inside. Please follow these recommendations.

  • Print speed 20mm/S
  • Print temperature (240 °C)
  • None retractions or low distance (1mm retraction distance and 30mm/s speed)
  • Increase the extruder flow if your plastic melt flow is not constant.(105-115%)
  • Decrease the pressure of the idler bearing of your extruder in order to avoid filament clogging between the extruder gear and bearing.

Anyway you can download our CURA, SLIC3R and SIMPLIFY3D profiles in our download section tab. These profiles are made for none optimized printers.


Design and print wonderful elastic objects!


Download : Technical Data Sheet and MSDS.


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